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Located 200 km from the border with the United States, the world’s largest consumers market. Its strategic location makes it an ideal spot for trade, logistics and manufacturing in North America.


Interpuerto Monterrey is inserted in the global supply and distribution chain through two major railroad lines (KCSM and Ferromex) and highway infrastructure that grants access to Mexico’s mayor cities and ports, (Lazaro Cárdenas, Manzanillo and Veracruz) making Asian and European markets easily accessible.


In terms of infrastructure the hub offers electrical substation, potable water and treated water supply, natural gas, LED lighting and green areas all which are aimed at providing sustainability. WATER

>Capacity: 110 lts/sec.


>Capacity: 70 lts/sec.

CFE (Electric Power)

>Feasibility: 600 MVA’s

>Two 115kv lines from 2 separate substations. Interpuerto Monterrey is constructing their own 40 MVA’s substation with a potential increase up to 80 MVA’s

GAS >Capacity: 6 in.main@100psi


The customs section and the FTZ allow the free movement of goods and products from and towards any access point to the country. In the near future, it will work on the previous liberalization of the merchandise going to the United States and Canada under a pilot program established with the US.


This area will offer services and products, such as convenience stores, gas station, restaurants, offices, hotels, banks, in order to meet our clients and visitor’s needs.