Leader in the food industry and member of the Kraft Foods family, Mondelez produces snacks such as Oreo and Chips Ahoy. At full production, it will be the world´s largest snack company.

Mexican Company specialized in manufacturing pipes for the energy sector.

Japanese company supplying the automotive industry. Its products include vacuum switching valves, magnet switches for starters, evaporative leak check modules, electric combination valves, among others.

Japanese company dedicated to produce control systems and components for the automotive industry

Korean company which belongs to the Hyundai Group. Automotive supplier with sales of more than 28 Busd per year. It produces safety products, lighting products, steering and plastic parts.

Joint venture between Japanese and Korean companies (Mitsui Chemical and SK Chemicals) in order to supply the NAFTA market.

US company. Private label bottled water


Korean company from the automotive industry

Korean company from the automotive sector. Kia Supplier.

Japanese company from the automotive sector. It wil start construction in 2018.