Interpuerto Monterrey has a sustainable focus: its phase planning scheme allows the generation of value for the community where it is located, always having in mind the lesser impact on the environment.

The effect of Interpuerto Monterrey with respect to investment and economic benefits for the State, positions Interpuerto in a unique and unprecedented place.

The mission of Interpuerto Monterrey is supported by three main pillars: the economic aspect, the social aspect and the impact of the development on the environment. In Interpuerto Monterrey we are trying to find a balance among these principles, basing our strategy and aligning our actions on these three pillars.


Compliance with the National Plan of Infrastructure of the Federal Government; Creation of more than 50,000 direct and indirect jobs; Increase of competitiveness in Mexico within an international context; Creation of a new economic development pole in the Salinas Victoria Municipality and the State of Nuevo León.


During the clearing of the land of Interpuerto Monterrey, the flora species in the region will be catalogued and all varieties of plants found will be rescued and replanted inside the common areas of the development, especially in traffic islands and blocks thus creating a botanic garden inside Interpuerto Monterrey.

This way we are preventing excessive water consumption in garden areas, since most of the species found and rescued inside Interpuerto Monterrey do not need much water because they grow in a semi-desert climate.

Water is an element of vital importance for human beings. Therefore, Interpuerto Monterrey, in order to preserve water and use it in the best possible manner, will have water treatment systems for industrial water that will help consume a minimum amount of water for the irrigation of botanical gardens, blocks, traffic islands and common areas.